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image movie

To put on screen this short film which is like a dream became true, Alex, the main character, is surprisingly experimenting the Movieworld by using a Guidebook for beginners. How far can Alex go? What resources can he use to make this movie? Where is tendency to merge into one another regarding his own life and his own makeup story? These are what Alex wants to find out.

WINNER: 1. IndieX Film Fest, August, 2020 • Best Dark Comedy • Outstanding Achievement Award (First Time Director (Male)) 2. Indie Short Fest, August, 2020 • Best Dark Comedy Short
NOMINATED: 1. Indie Short Fest, August, 2020 • Best First Time Director Male, Dan Tudor • Best Acting Ensemble 2. IndieX Short Fest, August, 2020 • Best Comedy Short • Best Indie Short SELECTED: 1. Seoul International Short Film Festival – Martie 2021 2. New York Tri-State International Film Festival – Martie 2021
Directed by Dan Tudor. Producer: Laura Baron Writer and Dan Tudor, DoP: Cristian Gugu, Camera assistant: Sebastian Gherman, Editor: Anca Munteanu/Monica Pascu, Executive Producer: Vasile Petrovschi, Make-up artist: Karina Dumitru, Sound: Vasile Petrovschi/Andrei Stoian.

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