The Jester From Transylvania
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The Jester From Transylvania
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Strange things happen in Transylvania to Michael, an American scriptwriter on his way to an isolated lodge in the middle of the Transylvanian mountains to meet the English producers with whom he is to sign a contract for his new film.

What happens when you pick up a hitchhiker?

Michael, an American scriptwriter soon find out when he picks up an Englishman in the middle of a Transylvania forest.
Touchstone – in fact the ghost of a former court jester – places him in some unimaginable situations of life and death.
Despite being a firm believer in non violence, Michael is forced to become a cold-blooded serial killer.

image character
Jordan Prentice
image character
Emmett J. Scanlan
image character
Michael Ironside
Charles Pennington
image character
Franco Nero
One Eye
image character
James Frain
James Hooker
image character
Pennye Downey
Mrs. Pennington
image character
Thamara Barth
Sarah Lang
image character
Alan O'Silva
Vlad The Hunter