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At the eastern frontier of Europe, fake news as component of hybrid war

The rules of war have changed. The war of the future is the one for the human mind. And fake news is the primary weapon of this hybrid war with no rules when it comes to information and disinformation.

The Republic of Moldova is the perfect case-study for this subject because two levels of fake news are present there. On the one hand, we have fake news coming from the Russian Federation that targets the relations between Moldova and the European Union and on the other hand, there is also a local mechanism that produces and distributes fake news. Ultimately, they both have the same goal: to weaken the state, so it will have no future.

The movie brings to the audience speakers with various areas of expertise, who explain (analyze) this phenomenon from all points of view. It also provides solutions to combat this plague.

The main “actors” who tell the story of the mechanics of this hybrid war are involved in politics, journalism or are experts in political relations: Maia Sandu, Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova, Andrei Nastase, Vice Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova, Dan Dungaciu, Director of the Institute of Political Science and International Relations, Expert in the situation in Moldova, Stanislav Pavlovschi, lecturer at the Institute of International Relations of Moldova, Vlad Kulminski, Executive Director of the Institute for Strategic Initiatives, Igor Munteanu, Former E.P. Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova to the United States of America, Armand Gosu, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Political Science in Bucharest, Natalia Morari , journalist, A.O. “Media Alternativa”/TV8 Chisinau, Val Butnaru, journalist and writer, founder of Jurnal TV and Jurnal Trust Media Chisinau, Bogdan Cobuz , journalist, director of, Dragos Stanca, digital media expert, President of BRAT.

  • Cast
    Maia Sandu/ Andrei Nastase/ Dan Dungaciu/ Stanislav Pavlovschi/ Igor Munteanu/ Armand Gosu/ Natalia Morari/ Bogdan Cobuz/ Dragos Stanca/
  • Director
    Crisian Gugu/
  • Editor
    Vlad Morarescu/
  • Producers
    Cristian Gugu/ Catalin Dumitriu/ Vlad Morarescu/