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At the eastern frontier of Europe, fake news as component of hybrid war

The rules of war have changed. The war of the future is the one for the human mind. And fake news is the primary weapon of this hybrid war with no rules when it comes to information and disinformation.

The Republic of Moldova is a small, former Soviet country, located on the eastern border of the European Union. Moldova is a former territory of Romania today. It gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, the year after a bloody war that led to the formation of the Transnistrian separatist region, a region where troops of the Russian Federation are stationed today.

In the last 28 years, Republic of Moldova has not been able to significantly approach the civilized space of European democracies. The causes are multiple, alternating with the power of communists, socialists, liberal democrats, liberals or extreme left parties, Our House or the Sor Party, making the social and economic evolution of the country impossible.

In the summer of 2018, the people of Chisinau voted for a pro-European mayor, a civic activist, not involved in politics until then, a defender of human rights, a lawyer. The vote was given for the definitive separation of the political and oligarchic aggregation model of Moldova. Plahotniuc’s captive justice has invalidated his mandate, and now, on February 24, 2019, elections for the Parliament will be organized.

Both in 2016, when Maia Sandu ran for president against Igor Dodon, in 2018 when Andrei Nastase won and won the elections for Chisinau City Hall, but now, in the campaign for parliamentary, manipulation, misinformation and fake news, all under the shadows of a The hybrid war that Plahotniuc and Dodon wage against their own people, are the themes that can decisively influence democracy.

Over 90% of the mass-media in Moldova is controlled directly or through Plahotniuc. The avalanche of fake news to discredit and demonize the pro-European opposition is astounding and makes victims.

The weapons that lead to the hybrid war in Moldova, transformed into a real experimental and emotional polygon for this conflict are of Russian origin, and the models in which the troll armies invade social media is another argument in this regard.

The campaign for the 2019 parliamentarians from the Republic of Moldova is the perfect context for making a documentary presenting the devastating effects they have, concrete, fake news and programmatic misinformation.

The fact that the story can be “written” in real time, supported by interviews of people with the highest notoriety in the country and directly involved in public life will give the consistency of a film that does not have a didactic value that is missing from the western, civilized space.

In fact, the subject is very simple! Fake news versus Democracy, in the 21st century!

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  • Cast
    Maia Sandu/ Andrei Nastase/ Dan Dungaciu/ Stanislav Pavlovschi/ Igor Munteanu/ Armand Gosu/ Natalia Morari/ Bogdan Cobuz/ Dragos Stanca/
  • Director
    Cristian Gugu/
  • Editor
    Vlad Morarescu/
  • Producers
    Cristian Gugu/ Catalin Dumitriu/ Vlad Morarescu/