The Last Dinner
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The Last Dinner
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Original title : "Ultima cină", Runtime - 12min,  Support Digital Arri Alexa, Country Romania,  Year - 2016

A man smooth talks his wife into forgiving him for being late for their anniversary dinner. But she isn’t as forgiving as she seems.


Daniel arrives home late to find his wife, Juliette, stern faced sitting alone at the dinner table. Realising he’s forgotten about their ninth wedding anniversary, he begs and pleads for her forgiveness. He claims he’s been celebrating with colleagues over a successful business deal, but Juliette doesn’t seem convinced. She resists his excuses for a while, but his smooth talking eventually raises a slight smile. Believing he’s off the hook, Daniel tucks in to the dinner Juliette has prepared for him and recounts stories about his colleagues. Juliette listens and smiles, but she isn’t as forgiving as Daniel thinks.

  • Cast
    Emmily Hamilton/ Tristan Gemmill/
  • Director
    Kristine Popovici/
  • Script
    Kristine Popovici/
  • Editor
    Marian Ene/
  • Cinematographer
    Cristian Gugu/
  • Sound post production
    Mirel Cristea/
  • Costume
    Ana Lazăr/ Cătălina Bârzoi/
  • Make up
    Iuliana Ştefan/
  • Sound
    Răzvan Rizea/ Matei Ştefan/
  • Colorist
    Sergiu Arsenie/
  • Focus puller
    George Olteanu/
    Ştefania Grigorescu/
  • Prop master
    Nicolae Culea/
  • Gaffer
    Nicolae Ivancea/
  • Best boy
    Mihai Gheorghe/ /
  • Music
    Vladi Cnejevici/
  • 1st AD
    George Gugulici/
  • Executive Producer
    Alexandra Palos/
  • Producers
    Cornelia Palos/ Adrian Popovici/