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More than what is seems to be each of the 4 main characters, the extreme situations reveal the truth that is accessible only through desperation, where the masks fall and people are confronted with themselves

Starting from small, seemingly innocent lies, the four characters come to reveal their mind-boggling secrets, and as we get to see them in their intimacy, we discover the petty interests of each. In a world where money is a supreme value, people are capable of anything.

Alina, a modest nurse, that still raises her 22 y.o. son Radu, tries to rekindle a love story from the past with Pavel, the owner of a real estate agency.
The help that he gives to Alina, by employing her son, generates a completely unexpected turn of the situation.
Money will change the relationships and will intensify the plot.
The fall into a coma of Mr. Klauss, a rich architect and art collector that is taken care by Alina, brings into the story Mihaela Klauss, his daughter and the one that will come up with a solution for Alina‛s financial troubles.
The move goes through the same story moments through the perspective of each of the main characters, one by one and each time we will interpret the actions of the characters differently, based on how they see it.
From that point on, all the characters are interconnected. How they will influence their destinies based on their own hidden agendas, remains to be seen.

  • Cast
    Daniela Nane/ Ada Lupu/ Andrei Aradits/ Theodor Șoptelea/ Gheorghe Visu/ Petronela Grigorescu/ Vlad Brumaru/
  • Costume Designer
    Magda Mohamed/
  • Key MakeUp
    Simina Brădeanu/
  • Key Hair
    Ana Sandu/
  • Sound Ingineer
    Marin Turea/ Mirel Cristea/
  • Gaffer
    Lucian Diaconu/
  • Key Grip
    Nello Tincea/
  • Location Manager
    Mădălina Manda/
  • Art Director
    Raluca Ioanovici/
  • Cinematography
    Cristian Gugu/
  • Grading
    Razvan Dimitriu/
  • Sound design
    Dumitru Alexandru/
  • Music
    Adi Stavian/
  • Editor
    Ligia Popescu/ Dana Bunescu/
  • Co-writer
    Alin Boeru/
  • Executive Producer
    Isabela Opran/ Vlad Morarescu/
  • Writer & Director
    Igor Cobileanski/
  • Asociate Producer
    Diana Păroiu/
  • Co Producer
    Virgiliu Mărgineanu/
  • Producer
    Cristian Gugu/
image character
Daniela Nane
Alina Zlot
image character
Andrei Aradits
image character
Theodor Șoptelea
image character
Ada Lupu
Mihaela Klaus
image character
Gheorghe Visu
image character
Petronela Grigorescu
image character
Gelu Nițu
image character
Ionuț Cornilă
image character
Vlad Brumaru
image character
Flaviu Crișan
Director Spital
image character
Gabriel Costin
image character
Bogdan Farcaș
image character
Igor Chistol
image character
Iulian Burciu
Administrator Păcănele
no images
Rodica Negrescu Gugu
image character
Marian Negrescu
Bărbat Galerie
image character
Silviu Mircescu
Coleg Agenție
image character
Ionuț Achivoaie
Dr. Panfil
image character
Dina Rotaru
image character
Bogdan Talașman
Coleg Liceu
image character
Simona Onuțu
Colegă Liceu
no images
Carmen Manea
Doamna cu Cearcăne
no images
Alin Roșu
no images
Gabriela Butuc
no images
Ionuț Tudor
image character
Sergiu Costache
no images
Aurelian Man
Cumpărător Vilă
no images
Bianca Priceputu
Cumpărătoare Vilă
image character
Andreea Chirițescu
Reporter TV Galerie
no images
Alexandra Păcurar
Reporter TV Spital