Brancusi of eternity
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Brancusi of eternity
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” Brancusi of Eternity ” is a film about the search for truth and perfection in art, but also about disappointments caused by failures .

The main story is about Brancusi ‘s mature period , both physically and creatively. It is the period following his arrival in Paris , during his friendship with Modigliani and its relationship with Martha , one of his models , perhaps his favorite one . Despite his numerous betrayals, Martha remains faithful to him, until her death.

3 stories, 3 characters in 3 periods of time are building the plot of “Brancusi from Eternity „.Each character speaks in its own way, about talent and works of one of the greatest artists.

” Brancusi Of Eternity ” Is a film about the search for truth and perfection in art, but also about disappointments caused by failures. It is, however, a movie about Milarepa, who influences Brancusi and Marin Etu lives until the moment of their transition in solitude …

  • Cast
    Ioan Andrei Ionescu/ Iulia Verdeș/ Claudiu Bleonț/ Alexandru Potoceanu/ Luca Rusu/ Vlad Radescu/ Andra Negulescu/ Alexandru Isfan/ Cristina Florea/ Flaviu Crișan/ Cuzin Toma/ Gabriel Vodnar/
  • Screenplay
    Radu Aneste Petrescu/ Ioan Carmazan/ Pascal Ilie Virgil/
  • Director of Photography
    Cristian Gugu/
  • Production Design
    Stefan Antonescu/
  • Music
    Vlady Cnejevici/ Adi Popovici/
  • Editor
    Marian Ene/
  • Hair & Makeup
    Cristina Ilie/
  • Costume
    Ana Maria Valentir/
  • Producers
    Cornelia Palos/ Adrian Popovici/
image character
Ioan Andrei Ionescu
image character
Iulia Verdes
image character
Alexandru Potoceanu
Marin Etu
image character
Gabriel Vodnar
image character
Luca Rusu
image character
Andra Negulescu
image character
Claudiu Bleonț
image character
Vlad Rădescu
image character
Sandu Gruia
image character
Cristina Florea
Etu girlfriend
image character
Alexandru Isvan
Jeannot adult